Learning English

Not being understood is frustrating. Learn to pronounce difficult sounds, speak with correct word stress and intonation, use strategies to build fluency, learn uses of colloquial English and conversational responses. Turn your frustration into achievement. Build your confidence today!

Summit Foreign Language School offers English language courses ranging from Conversational English for Kids to English for Business. These courses have been developed by combining outstanding, up-to-date teaching materials with time tested techniques and the latest methodology in brain-compatible learning, yielding language acquisition with the utmost efficacy.

For younger students, Summit School uses a modern, colourful, relevant and up-to-date British English book “New English Parade.” This book covers a range of useful topics, such as My Body, My House, Food, Health Habits, and Popular Culture. The topics are presented in an entertaining, engaging way, which will captivate the students' attention and make them want to learn. Each chapter is full of colourful, engaging pictures, many activities allowing the students to read, speak, and listen to English, as well as grammar exercises to test their English. The series of books starts at Kindergarten and progresses all the way to Grade 6, So students can advance their English using a familiar, consistent book. When learning is fun, it becomes easier to remember and use your English!

For our Middle School and Adult students, Summit School uses the “New Interchange: English for International Communication” series of books. These books are suitable for older, more mature students, who wish to improve their English language and fluency skills by engaging in a wide variety of topics. This will equip students to be comfortable using their English in many different settings. “New Interchange” books have sections dedicated to grammar, listening and pronunciation, writing and reading, as well as many other activities, in order to give the student a well-rounded grasp of English.

If your conversational English skills are already at a moderate level, and you're preparing to take the CET, TOEFL, IELTS, or BEC, you should know that these exams require more than just English language skills, but also experience and confidence. Our intensive test preparation courses have received high acclaim as more than 80% of our students have passed the exam they prepared for at Summit Foreign Language School.

In addition to our standard English courses, we offer customized on-site English for Business courses. These courses offer employers the ability to enhance their employees' communicative English skills beginning at any level, enabling them to communicate on a global scale with terms specific to their industry and daily work. If you currently have an interest in our on-site English for Business course, please send us an email at: simon@summitkm.com and include the location, industry, expected number of students, your contact information, and the most convenient time for us to reach you; we'll be sure to respond promptly.


Regardless of which course you choose, you will be taught by one of Summit's excellent teachers. Summit only hires Native English speakers, all who have plenty of teaching experience working and teaching English in a wide variety of settings. All of our teachers are highly educated, with a minimum of an undergraduate bachelor's university degree. In addition, all have their TOEFL certificates, Lastly, unlike many other schools in Kunming, Summit is fully certified by the government to hire foreign teachers and issue them work visas (Z Visa).

Our teachers are all enthusiastic and warm, and take pleasure from teaching English. Their friendliness will welcome you into the classroom, and make learning English fun and engaging! You can speak to them in or outside of the classroom, and practice your English with them. Summit's staff are more than just teachers; they are your friends!