Learning English means more than just studying English in class. Speaking fluently requires confidence, experience, and exposure to different conversational environments. Learning from a textbook forms a good basis, but to speak English fluently, more is needed. Here at Summit Foreign Language School, we are more than just a classroom: we aim to expose our students to real-life, realistic situations with native English speakers, in order to give our students a chance to practice their English outside of the classroom. Interacting and speaking with English speakers offers a very instructive learning environment, as well as increasing fluency and confidence. In addition, it is the best way to learn modern, colloquial English!

We also understand that a language forms an integral part of culture, and the two cannot be separated. Language needs to be used within a context, and culture creates this context. To accomplish this, Summit School hosts a number of Western cultural events, in order to give our students a chance to learn about Western culture and customs, and create a realistic context for them to use their English. Three highlights of our cultural events:

Halloween Party

Halloween is celebrated throughout the Western world. It originally started in England as a night to remember the dead, but soon spread to the rest of the Western world. Over time, the meaning of the holiday changed, and now, it is mainly a night to dress up in scary costumes, and go house-to-house saying "trick-or-treat" and collecting candy!

Here at Summit we dedicate a number of classes to teaching our students about the history and cultural significance of Halloween. Students learn popular Halloween sayings such as "Trick or Treat!" and "Happy Halloween." They also learn about other Halloween customs, such as costumes, jack o'lanterns, and Halloween candy and games. On October 31st, we decorate the school with authentic Halloween decorations, and throw a fun Halloween party for children and adults alike, with Halloween games, scary music, costumes, candy, and a pumpkin carving! The evening is spent learning about Western culture and speaking and having fun with our dedicated native English teachers. Everyone has a lot of fun, and remembers the party with a lot of joy and happiness.

Christmas Party

Christmas is undoubtedly the most important holiday for Westerners. Christmas celebrates the day that Jesus Christ was born, and it is still a religious holiday. However, today many non-Christian families also celebrate Christmas. It is a time to celebrate family and friends, and to eat and drink together. Christmas is the most important holiday in the West, and so has a lot of special culture. Summit School teachers spend time to teach our students the language they need to understand the holiday, and to be able to celebrate it with Westerners! Students will learn the history of Christmas, the special language they need to talk about and understand the holiday, and how Westerners celebrate Christmas. Then, on December 25th, Summit School throws its biggest party of the year: Summit rents a large hall, prepares a huge banquet, and even invites Santa Claus to come and give presents to all our students! Summit students and their parents are invited to join in on the festivities, and celebrate Christmas exactly like it is celebrated in the West.

Summer Camps

Summit School is dedicated to teaching English the best possible way, so that students can become fluent in English, and are prepared to travel and study abroad, speak with confidence to Westerners, excel at their school English exams, and to find prestigious, high-paying jobs at international companies in China and overseas. In addition to our regular classes, Summit also offers summer camps for students of all ages. These camps provide a place for students to learn the language outside the classroom, by playing games, learning "real life" English, and spending all day with native English speakers! These relaxed, fun, no-pressure and all-day summer camps are the perfect place to really improve your English. At these camps, there are always 3 or 4 native English teachers to play games, talk to, and spend time with all the students. Hearing and speaking English for 10 or 12 hours a day is the best way to learn English.

Summit offers two kinds of summer camps. The first is in China, outside of Kunming. Students and their teachers go to the zoo, to parks, and enjoy being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. They play games, eat, and spend time with Westerners. The camps are a few days to a week long, and are an affordable way to get an English-immersion experience. Summit also offers its students an opportunity to travel to England, to world-famous university-city Cambridge, and study English at Cambridge University! Living in England and studying at one of the most famous universities in the world is a great opportunity, and one not to be missed! Summit has already launched this program before, and has plenty of experience and contacts in Cambridge to make the experience safe, fun, and exciting. Going to Cambridge University with Summit Foreign Language School is the experience of a lifetime, and is the best way to learn English.